Wednesday, August 11, 2010


THis is my first post so bare with me:) This is honor of The Lavender Dreams Parade.


A masculine herb, ruled by Mercury and air is its element.
Lavender is best known for its properties of contentment, balance, love and good health. Use it when any of these aspects is required. Because of the amazing scent to the flowers, lavender is often combined in light potpourris for keeping a home in balance.

Lavender essential oil has magical properties of balance and calm. It's useful in spells of peace, calm and healing of the emotional self. This essential oil is also rumored to be beloved of faeries and is useful when working with the fae.

Burns or scalds~

This works best if applied neat (undiluted) to the area affected by the burn or scald. The skin should be intact, use your judgment. It takes away the pain quickly and the skin heals with almost no sign of damage. This includes sunburns. If you are sensitive to the oil in its pure form, dilute it accordingly in a small clean spray bottle with water. This is quite soothing and refreshing.

Your adolescent will love you for this remedy. Because lavender oil is antibacterial, it destroys pimples and the associated bacteria quickly and easily. Apply it neat as soon as you feel a pimple developing and the pimple is banished shortly. If you didn’t catch it in time, it makes pimples come to a head faster and it helps with the swelling and redness.
Sleep & relaxation~

Just a drop or 2 to a cotton ball or tissue placed beneath the pillowcase under your head at night makes you sleep more soundly and more quickly. Lavender has amazing relaxation properties that will leave you refreshed in the morning.
Migraines or Headaches~

Apply a drop to your temples or the back of your neck and massage into the skin. This helps with both tension headaches as well as migraines. For some people with migraines, the smell may be too strong during the acute stage of a migraine. During this time you can apply the lavender oil to the muscled area between your thumb and forefinger on the backside of your hand (both hands). This is an acupressure point associated with headaches.
Insect repellent and insect bites~

Just like citronella, lavender has the ability to ward off mosquitos and flies. Additionally, it can help calm the itching of an insect bite. I can really attest to this one as I am the world’s number one mosquito attractor.


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  2. I just left a comment. Once I read it though, I realized it made no sense;)
    And wow! I always think of lavender as being such a calming herb, but I never tried to use it to actually sleep. I'm going to try the cotton ball under my pillow idea listed above, as Valerian gives me spooky dreams (smile). Great post!

  3. Lol ty for the comment, don't have many followers although i just started this blog, but lavender works wonders for helping with seep, i used lavender on my son and he's 5 months old and has a horrible time sleeping, when i use it in a lotion with some chamomile and a bit of sweet orange he conks right out and sleeps the whole night.