Friday, July 15, 2011

Kitchen Witch Wands

Okay so i've had a few inquiries about my kitchen witch wands i have hanging in my kitchen.

The ones I currently have aren't really elaborate but they suit my needs:)

All you need is some wooden spoon. i get mine from the dollar store.

Some kind of anointing oil, I use one I special made for all my crafts.

Now you can either wood burn your runes and marking in or you can use a paint pen. Keep in mind these are for magic and deco only not for use with food. I have separate ones I use with food, tinctures, brews etc.

Pain or carve into your spoon whatever runes you want and whatever symbols you wish. You can inlay stones (that's what i'm planing on for the next one but i'm currently in the market for a very large wooden spoon and just cant find any local)

Rub the oil on the spoon and bless it on an altar. Ive set my kitchen window seal as an altar.

Hang it in your kitchen as deco or use it to direct energy before making magical tinctures, brews ointments etc.

   Happy Crafting


  1. What a great wand! I'm going to try something similar ;) Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Have you tried looking at Walmart for larger spoons (for your stone inlay projects)? I know they might be a little more expensive...but I think they might work for you.

  3. very creative. puts a new spin on wands. I have a wooden Moon Spoon that I use only for kitchen magik. It's a huge spoon with the Triple Goddess carved into the handle. I <3 it! Blessings. ~)O(~

  4. @ Tea Witch, unfortunately I don't have a wally world in my town and no car to get to the one 40 miles away, so I'm usually stuck with k-mart and online ordering, but I might check the website. TY for the tip:)

  5. Thank you my dear, keep an eye out for the rest of it :)
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