Monday, August 29, 2011

Okay so My cat shit change...

Either that or we have some kind of fucked up gnome or fae running around who likes to take change and hide it around and under the cat litter box...

Mr kitty bitching at me to feed him...
This is Mr kitty. One of the most affectionate, yet annoyingly pushing cats I've ever met. The only cat I've known that was more pushy about being petted and loved on was my moms cat Maggie May, who if you would stop betting her  she would bite you. Basically as to tell you "Bitch! I didn't say stop...!"

Anywho...There I was cleaning out the litter box cuz goddess knows ain't no one else gonna do it. (sorry sounded rather hickish in my head and that's how it got typed out) and next to the box I find a quarter.

Okay cool put it in the change jar. SO I move the box a bit to start sweeping up the mess my lovely cat likes to make...(swear to god he does it just to spite me...) and I find another quarter...thinking it's a bit odd now..

Continue cleaning up his mess and low and behold farther under is 2 dimes and a nickel...

I washed them with antibacterial soap set them aside cuz me and Mr kitty are gonna have a talk and if he's doing this somebody better shit me out a 20. Either it's him and he's a bit more special than he already thinks he is or something very strange is going on here.


  1. Maybe your kitty was a crow in a past life and likes to collect shiny things. :)

    One of our kitties has a very strange habit of sticking those plastic rings from milk jugs everywhere. In his food dish, in the water dish, in shoes, in the toilet and anywhere else he deems interesting.

  2. Hmm that is strange, kitties never stop surprising me with the odd things they do.