Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Seasonal craft

I've never really crocheted before. Ive done maybe 2 scarfs my entire life but for some reason I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to make a hat for my son.
Pardon the peanut butter face...
It fits right on his forehead but he has issues with hats so he kept trying to pull it off but come winter too bad lil man you're wearing it!
Now Miss T decided she has to have one, was gonna make her one anyway but yeah she got all upset because she thought she wasn't going to get one.
Next on my list is another hat maybe some scarfs and still trying to figure out wth to do with these snake skins I have from a few months ago. If you've been reading you remember that one:P


  1. The hat and the peanut butter face are both so cute. A think you did an awesome job on the hat. This looks like something I would love to do. Is it easy to learn on your owm?

  2. actually it was super simple. I just googled how to crochet hats and since i only know one type of stitch i just used that one. I had to start over a few times but after about 3 times I got it down:P
    the only imo hard thing is learning how to stitch the things together but maybe i'll do a step by step one day when i get a camera that doesnt suck up close.

  3. Beautiful hat! I tried to crochet a scarf--took it out & restarted about 14 times...ugh!
    Right now I'm making earrings. In fact, I'm giving away a pair on my blog as a prize in a Samhain poem contest.
    I'd love for you to come on by and maybe even leave a poem!(although I know you make your own earrings)