Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pomander Recovery spell and charm

Pomander recovery charm 

When someone we know gets sick, often our first thought is to get them a gift, but giving gifts to people who cannot fully appreciate them when they are sick can be unhelpful too. It may make them feel guilty by reminding them of the things they should be doing and perhaps even make them feel that we are irritated by thier illness.
Taking the time to care:
A better present to give is a fragrant, magical recovery charm. It relaxes and soothes, not only easing thier return to heal with a heady scent, but also letting them know that you are thinking of them in thier sickness not just wishing it was over. A recovery charm shows you genuinely care
How your recovery chamr works:
The time and energy you spend making a recovery charm infuses it  with your good wishes and intent for thier recovery. Thay way you pass your own strength into the charm.
Frankincense: protecton
Orange: the wamr color of the orange represents harmony.
Gold Ribbon: The sparklying gold ribbon you use to bind the your healing spell surrounds the entire charm with a wonderful glowing golden confidence.
Cloves: Cloves have potent powers of reconciliation. They help patients to accept thier illness, conserve thier energy and focus on recovery. 
Making your recovery charm:
You will need:
A normal sized orange
A handful of whole cloves
1 1/2 Yards of gold ribbon
Frankincense oil
1. Wind the ribbon around the orange like you would a present. Leave a lop at the top so you can hang it up.
2. Rub the frankincense into the orange between the strands of ribbon.
3. Push the cloves into the orange at random intervals. Each time you push a clove in say:This is for health, this is for love, this is for joy..." make each ending a good happy statement.
4. When the cloves are all in you've litterally studed the orange with warmth and happy wishes for your friends wlel being. It's now ready to give.
5. Hang the charm above your friends bed to fill the room with healing energy ti help with recovery.

You can use different oils for different situations.
Lemon: protection of enemies
Myrrh: Surounds with love, protecting them from lonilness and depression.
Rose: Encourages high spirits and thoughts of lasting friendship.
Basil: Protection against negative thoughts, particularly for someone who is feeling down after a setback or relaspe.
Sandlewood: Will purify the air in the sickroom and keep it freash. The oil's woody fragrance helps remimnd us of the world beyond the window.
Sage: Clears the atmosphere of negativity and rises spirits. Use this oil durrin depression or times of confusion


  1. That's a very sweet thing to do, but honestly when I'm sick (Especially for stomach bugs) any strong scents make me even more ill. Even healthy strong scents give me a headache. Instead, all I really need is a box of Puff's Plus lotion and a good homemade chicken noodle soup.

  2. I use to make these years ago as air fresheners! I'm new to wicca and I love learning new things, thanks for teaching me something new. Your blog is beautiful. Natalie@ bridgetsdaughter5

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I made a very similar charm from a witches almanac when I was 17 for strength and it really did work. My half sister wanted me to do a spell to heal her dad and I remembered that charm. I googled it and found your charm for recovery. The strength charm has alum and osiris root if I remember correctly but this charm is exactly what I need to wish healing on my step dad.