Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm back...hopefully

I know ive been a tad bit quiet here the past few weeks. Been interesting few and very very busy. Anyway I Just had to share this particular event that happened.

Friday night My bat shit crazy mother found 4 baby owls that had gotten out of their tree somehow. It was a pretty cold night and when i say baby owls i mean baby to the point they didnt have feathers just the fluffy down. So we put a blanket in a box and put the babies in the box. I actually went and sat on our roof with the babies hoping mama would swoop and come get them but she wanted nothing to do with them for some reason. So sadly 2 of the babies didnt make it through the night, one had a broken wing the other one we think hit its head on the way down but 2 of them did live. So we began calling every place we could think of short of animal control because our animal control is nothing more than a power hungry animal killer here and i hate them (well at least the old one was idk if they are still around of if there is a new one now but none the less). So after caring for the babies over the weekend I finally got a call Monday morning from F.A.C.T., which is a local place that is run by the university here, well in the city but close enough:P They sent someone over to get the babies where they will be cared for checked out raised among their own kind and if they are able to be, re-released back into nature and if not they will reside in their GIANT aviary. anyway if u wanna check out their website here is it


and here is the only decent pic i got of the two babies before they left for their new home:


  1. any idea what kind of owls they are ?

    1. they are barn owls, we have about 15 of them in my pine tree alone and about 10 more in the tree next door, we live by fields and there is plenty for them to eat around here.

  2. so glad you were there to help the babies, and your Mom too.