Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spirit Board

I love these but i will never ever never ever never ever call them ouiji boards. I had one made for me many years ago out of the hard canvas stuff but in one of my moves across country it dissapeared, i can only hope it made it into the hands of someone who needed it. I got bored Friday and made another one, This one will probably be for sale however till i make the one that calls to me like no other. If it's not screaming my name for me to use it i wont or i wont buy items either. I really feel that the tool in question has to be for you...and when i think for some reason i conjure the image of harry potter year one in my head where the wand is picking him and he goes through all the different one...:P im such a nerd:P anyway here it is:...

I really love the idea of multi purpose boards, here u can use the spirit part with the letters and number, ive also placed on it a pentacle where this whole board can be set upright at the back of an alter, the triquetra cuz damn it i felt like it and the pendulum yes and no cross for scrying simple questions. anyway will be up on etsy in a few i think or maybe not might keep it for myself.
Will also take custom orders on wood work for just about anything from name plaques to more spirit boards and hopefully can do some neato boxes, i love the spoons i did on wednesday and have had alot of great feedback on them.


  1. Nice crafty board. :) I've never really needed that though. I've found if I need to talk to a spirit they find me either in my dreams or we just have a silent conversation. *wink*

    I like the way you laid this out though.

    1. i never really needed one either but i still like to have one around