Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dream bag (nightmare pouch#2)

Dream bag or nightmare pouch. My husband has horrible nightmares from time to time as well as my daughter we have several different recipes, this one works really super well.

You will need: A drawstring bag in either lavender, white or black

about a teaspoon of the following herbs: note: you can use essential oils if you wish and also can sub in rosemary or sage for herbs you don't have or simply leave them out.

Amber for peace (yes i know a resin not an herb:)
Apple blossom for peace
Bergamot for peace and restful sleep (i've found this one hard to find until i went to k-mart and they were selling them as flowers.>.<)
Celery seed for restful sleep (spice isle at grocery store as a rule)
Chamomile for peace and restful sleep (alot of smaller grocery stores are carrying this now but if you cant find them with spices check out the tea section.
Freesia for peace
Gardenia for peace
Hyacinth for protection and peaceful sleep
Jasmine for peaceful dreams and good sleep (again, tea section, one of the stores here has jasmine tea)
Lavender for peace and sleep (i actually cant find this local to buy but the corner mini mart store has lavender bushes growing so every so often when im walking by i snag a few flowers.
Magnolia for peace
Mugwort for peaceful dreams (this one i actually found at a little store ran by some hispanic people, it was with their spices)
Narcissus for peace
Sweet pea for courage and strength
Tupli for dreams
Valerian for sleep, protection and peace (love this one, again at the hispanic ran store or you could probably find it at and alternative heath food store)
Vervain for peace and protection
Violet for peace and sleep

Set up an altar if you wish with a circle. Prop open the bag and as you add the herbs say the following:

The dreams that come to me are unpleasant and frightening
I combine together these herbs, their magic, their scent,
To chase the nightmares away,
To bring me peace, protection, and a good nights sleep
As I lay my head upon them

say this 3 times as you are adding the herbs then tie off the bag and say:

Let my dreams
and myself be at peace
I charge this magic with this task
So mote it be

Place this underneath your pillow. Eventually the herbs will get old and need replaced when the scent gets to weak. Until then this will help keep nightmares at bay.

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