Sunday, October 28, 2012

isn't being sick fun?

i hope you can hear the sarcasm in my type, lol been sick on and off for the past few weeks, nothing major but enough to bring me down to where i dont want to do a damn thing but sleep. hope everyone has a great Samhain, we're taking our lil witches to a carnival then coming home for a small feast and ritual.

Gonna harvest most my herbs today i think and either dry them or put them in icecubes and freeze them.

and now some random pics of our kitties in their "jungle" and the witch hats i made for the kids our of chocolate kisses, orange icing and keeblers new double fudge cookies and our small but lovely garden in my grandmothers yard behind our house.

my fluffy butt kitty Hestia

witch hats:P

kitty in the jungle, she thinks she is a panther and in reality she is a very very tiny Himalayan Siamese mix

drawrf lime tree my brother planted before he left for japan

our new eucalyptus tree we ordered from brighter blooms nursery in SC great nursery btw, if you need to order a tree or shrub check them out

grandma's container garden and water fountain, this was a few weeks ago, the basil has taken over now

peach tree that produce's some of th best damn peaches ive tasted in a looong time, was hard to keep miss T from eating all of them before grandma got some

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  1. Happy Samhain to you and the littles. Love the witch hat and the herbs and kitties.

    Thank you for sharing.