Thursday, August 12, 2010

Death to the lawnmower man...

Nothing like waking uip with a bang right? Well this whole rant may not seem like a big thing to alot of ppl but to me its just down right irriating and pisses me off. Okay so I wake up this morning to the sounds of the landlord or whoever he hired this week mowing the lawn and weed wacking. I think nothing of it. After they have left I go outside to see how well of a job they did and what I see just, I dont know, pisses me off and made my heart sink. Whoever mowed/wacked had cut my duaghters Purple Hibiscus down. Well of course she's My little ball and chain so she was with me and saw and started freaking out. After I got her calmed down I promised her we could plant some more before we started our grand venture across the country back to our hometown so that the next little boy or girl who lived here could enjoy them. Been living in Florida for the past year or so and wedecided it wasnt for us and time to venture home. Okay feel better getting that out. Anyway I'll figure out something a bit more posative to post in a little bit.:)

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