Thursday, August 12, 2010

Magickal Housecleaning...Turning you environment into harmony

Okay I didnt write this (so totatly wish I did tho) But this is borrowed from Silver Ravenwolfs' To Light A Sacred Flame.

Im not the best housekeeper byt any means but damn it i do try for the most part but when you have a sink that wont drain and two lovely but very destructive little hurricanes (The kids:P) It makes it kinda hard soemtimes. Anyway I do this about every 6 months although I know I should do it more But I thought it would be a nice gesture to share this with everyone. Gonna be a long one bare with me...

Yor home should be a place of Enlightenment, harmony and protection. If your home doesnt measure up to your spiritual expectations, then the time has come for you to do something to transmute the negative energies that have collected there. Houses like people can and do collect negative energies.

Mundane house cleaning

Let's start with a pitching spree. Put on some music, grab the trash bags/can and start chucking. If you think the task will reach monumental proportions, then work room by room. Get rid of anything broken. Those dead plants. Clean out the junk drawers and toss out all that little clutter tha manages to grow nto mountains when your not looking.

Throw away all things given to you by negative people. Not even close to kidding. If your sister in law gave you a crystal bowl but you disliker her intensly and never use it, why are you keeping it around? If you cant bear to throw stuff away give it away to the salvation army or any other charity organization. Discard old cloths, torn cloths , cloths that will never fit you or that yu look horrible in.

Take down old pictures that don't appeal to you anymore. Get rid of old projects you never managed to finish. Repaint if you can afford it, if not wash the walls with a blessed wash (will give a nice recipe later in the post)

Get rid of old memorablia..that old boyfriend who betrayed you on august 10th 1972...why do you still have pictures of the vacation to disneyland, throw that crap away!

Now look again. Remove all visual clutter. Take a plastic garbage bag and start at one end of your house/apartment. Walk slowly through every room and dump what you can out away what you cant. If it comes down to it put things in a box for a yard sale. Not only will someone else get some use out of it but you might be able to make a little scrap cash on top of it and who doesnt need a little extra money now adays.

Even if you live with people who dont aproove of a magickal cleansing ritual, there is no fool on earth who would turn down a cleaning service:)

I also sweep with a cinnamon brrom when im sweeping after ive done the intial actual  cleaning sweeping. you can get them for around 7$ or so from any grocery store that sells flower too as a rule like Winn Dixxie on the east coast Or albertsons on the west, sorry guys in the middle I havent a clue what you guys have there:S but you get my point.

Cleanse, consecrate and empower all you cleaning supplies. Yes i know it sounds a tad bit odd to empower windex but trust me it work and helps with the proccess. Ask the goddess to help you cleanse away all negative residue in your home and do the same with every other cleaning supply you are working with.

Light a white candle while you work and ask the lord and lady to gie you strangth while you clean.

After you have finished your cleaning spree, take a cleansing bath. If the job takes more than one day take a ritual bath/shower at the end of the day..

Empowering your cleaning supplies for success

Moon phase: New or Waxing
Day of the week: Sunday
Planetary ruler/hour: Jupiter/Sun
Candle Color: orange/white
Quarter: South
Element: Fire
Totem animal: Buffalo (abundance and good fortune)

You will need:
Gold ribbon, basil, parsley, willow, lilac oil, mortar and pestal and a gold or white candle(and if you're more of a modern witch you can sub the moratar and pestal for a coffee grinder, I have one specificly for grinding and powerdering herbs, nothing beats the good old fashion moratar and pestle but just saying.)

Gather all your cleaning supplies together, put them on your altar/shrine. If you dont have one of those just toss em on the table top:P

Tie a peice of riboon around each container. Crush the basil(sympathy), parsley(prosperity) and willow(love and abundance) in the moratar/grinder and ask the god Lugh to empower the herbs to bring success and universal love into your home. Add lilac oil to the mis and sprinkle a little bit into each container and put some also in the bottom of a new vacume bag or if u have bagless in the bottom of the cansiter.

Dress and empower the candle and ask lugh again for his help.

Cut an extra 11inch peice of ribbon and tie it around your wrist and say:
Everytime I touch this ribbon I bring success and universal love into my life.

Light the candle and let it burn to nothgin as you work and afterwards if u have a stub left after its gone out burry it in te back yward or in a flower pot.

Wall wash recipe and other recipes for magickal cleaning

Salt (not a whole lot)
Sage oil if you can find it or lavender oil
 Add together shake and visualize and out it in a spray bottle or bucket and wash away:)

I always light an incense before and after im done cleaning and light a sage smudge stick after im done and have it lit during my ritual cleeasning bath/shower.

On another note if you'rr like me and don't have a bathtub(currently we only have shower and it blows)
make a ritual wash by taking some natural liquid soap or any kind of mild liquid soap add some chamomile powerdered flowers and some powered sage and lavender oil (make sure anything you put on ur skin is pur essential oils, the synthetic crap can sometimes burn your skin)

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