Friday, September 17, 2010

Ideas for Mabon

Make a Vine God (stick-type male figure with a hollow
body) filled with foil-wrapped cornbread and sacrifice him on thecampfire (or barbeque!). Give thanks to the god for his sacrifice and enjoy the cornbread!

Make rattles out of empty gourds and sunflower seeds
or seeds collected from nature walks. Use the rattles to make music or scare away bad dreams.

Create a Mabon Altar of Abundance:

Mabon is a time of abundance the second harvest, the one that affirms there will be enough to sustain us through the winter. I always wish I lived near farmland at this time of year. I love the affirmation that the Earth gives us everything we need, a great bounty that is an Earthly sign of the Mothers love for us, Her lap just full of grains and fruit.

And Mabon is a time of balance the still point between day and night. Balance, abundance how can you celebrate those two elements, especially if you live, as I do, one mile from the center of a city? A favorite Mabon activity is an altar I create by instinct, from what I have on hand. An altar that balances the four elements, and spirit at center, with the abundance in my home and yard, right now.

You can come at this activity with a spirit of playfulness, a lets see what happens! approach. Or you can start by becoming still and silent, and inviting your senses and your subconscious the voice of the Mother to guide you. Clear off a space for your altar the space you always use, or a space youll use just for a day or so, or one on a table or step outdoors. Lay a cloth to protect the surface, if you need to. 

Then take a large basket with you for your gathering, and see what transpires. I usually just roam through the house and yard, moving objects, stones, potted plants here and there, trying to really see them and see which ones call to me. If something does call, I gather it in, and move on. At some level, Im thinking of the elements, and making sure I have something for each. Stop any time after you have seven or more objects (to give you things to choose from).

Okay think i'm done for now.  off to bed and packing more stuff tomorrow. Little over two weeks left in Florida then back home to California.

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