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Mabon (Sept 21-24) is the start of my favorite time of the year, Autumn/Winter. I love the colors and the smells of these seasons sooooo much. It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling like i used to get when my great grandmother would make stew or pumpkin bread. Anyway here's a few thing about Mabon, the first of three of my fav sabats.

(Borrowed from "Celebrate the Earth" , by Laurie Cabot)

Mabon ap Madron, Meaning "son" or, "son of the mother" is the young son, divine youth or as some prefer to call him Son of light. Just as September equinox marks a significant time of change, so too does the birth of Mabon. Madron is  his mother, the great goddess, guardian of the otherworld, protector, and healer, she is earth itself. From the moment of the September equinox, the sun's strength diminishes until the winter solstice in December when the sun grows stronger and the days once again become longer than the nights.

Mabon was taken when he was only three nights old from his mother. All along however Mabon had been dwelling happily in Madron's otherworld, her womb. Its nurturing and enchanting but also a place filled with many challenges. Only in such a powerful place of renewable strength can Mabon be reborn as his mothers champion, the source of joy and the Son of Light. 

To understand the themes of Mabon's story is to accept the reality and significance of an archetypal world. The archetypes of Mabon and Madron are the first forms or the first models that allow us to consider information not strictly by machines or the physical senses. 

There is a nice ritual that she wrote that in about a week or so give or take (depending on how much crap i have to do around here because of the big move coming up:)) I will post it on here. along with some festival food recipes and some other fun stuff:)

for now here is two recipes, one for an oil and one for an incense for prosperity and protection.

Mabon Oil:
hazelnut oil
almond oil
pinch of marigold leaves
walnut shells crushed or in pieces
pinch of oak leaves
1 acorn
1 stone ruled by the sun (yellow topaz, citrine, amber, cats eye)

mix all in an enamel pan, slowly warm then turn it off never boil or simmer. place in bottle

Mabon incense for prosperity and protection:

In a bowl blend 3 tablespoons of each:
dried oak leaves
dried apple

add Mabon oil ( 1 dram )
1 tsp of gold glitter or real gold flake jewelry

mix all well and store

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