Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spring Blues?

Okay normally im not a big fan  of spirng only for the fact that im soo alleric to everything in the air during the spring, so not fun always miss out on alot fo things becuase im sneazing my butt off. ANYway I got hit with a case of spring blues. I got up this morning and looked and around my house and kinda has this dumbfounded wtf I need to do somehting about this hosue and it dreary winter bitterness, lol. SO I busted out my cleaning supplies, pulled out the spring renewal febreeeze and got to work. Gotta say I feel way more accomplished, and when Im done i'll take a cleasning bath with some homemade bath salts and run around burning some sage to add a finaly touch to it.

Cleansing bath salt ingredients:

sea salt or epsom salt (2 cups)
1/2 tsp lavender oil
1/4 tsp sandlwood oil
1 tsp crushed sage leaves
(you can add others this is mainly what i use:)

mix em all together reallllly well.
you can add them straight to the bath or put them in a sachet and have it run under the hot water of the bath


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