Monday, November 29, 2010

Ricotta stuffed turkey

Okay I tried this turkey on my family for this Thanksgiving and I got so much priase for it. I just have to share it with you.:) My family doesnt do turkey twice a year we usually do ham on Yule so i'll be waiting for another year possibly to do this one again however I do believe it could be done with any kind of pultry. When I try it with a chicken i'll let ya know how it turns out. Anyway on to the food:P

15-20lb turkey
16oz container of ricotta cheese
freash basil
freash rosemary
freash mint
(you can use dried if you have to but I personly prefer freash)
4 garlic cloves
olive oil
can of chicken broth (do they have turkey broth? they dont in my town at least, lol)
2 carrots

Okay prep your turkey like you normally would, cleaning it rinsing it whatnot...
Take the cheese, half stick of soften butter or veggie oil spread, all the herbs including the garlic and salt and about 1/8 cup olive oil and put it all in a belnder or food proccesser. Blend it till its pretty smooth doesnt have to be compleyly creamy but no huge chunks of garlic.

Take your turkey and seperate the sking from the meat at the neck all the way down but without making a hole at the other end.

Take a spoon and spoon some of teh cheese mix underneath the skin and push it down till its at the end. Do this on each side till they are pretty full. some of it is gonna spill out into the juice as it cooks but thats okay. It makes the juice really yummy and greath for gravy:P.

Cut some pats of butter (I really prefer real butter when making a turkey it just turns out so much better in my opinion)

and place them on top of the turkey, lightly salt and add herbs to the top if u wish. Put the turkey in a bag or if you use tin foil just get ur turkey in the pan.

Take the onion apple, celery and carrots and cut the apple and onion into half and then each half into quarters and toss them in then cut the carrots and toss them in and the celery too. Add the broth to the bottom of the pan or bag. If ur using a bag cloe it up if your using foil put it over the turkey leaving room over it as to not touch the foil to the turkey when cooking.

Cook the turkey at 350 for 20 minutes per pound of bird. Mine took about 4 1/2 hours. check it towards the end to make sure it isnt scortching if u have the foil u can baste it. This should yeild a pretty juicy delicious turkey. Use the juice for gravy and the veggies inside can be eaten as a side or left alone your choice:)

Happy eating


  1. This sounds decadently delicious! I don't eat meat, but next time I have to make the family's turkey, I might actually try this. I bet the meat is so tender from all the yummy fat;)

  2. i know it rather calorie riden but so worth it, lol. I try to stay on the healthier side but on the holidays it's kinda hard but yes very very tender:P