Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning for the Kitchen Witch

Yes I know Spring is a lil bit aways but I know first hand when you have kids, junk can get added up fast. And I think i've been watching to much Clean House, but I really love that show. Has given me some really good ideas for the kids' room, but more to the point I think I watch it becuase its a motivator for me to not ever have my house look like some of those:S Anyway this was Posted in one of the email groups im a part of and I thought I might share it with the rest of you.:)

Happy Cleaning...

Cleansing the Home with Kitchen Magic and Spring Ritual
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Kitchen witchery is more than just kitchen hocus pocus; it also makes
housework more enjoyable and places importance on the annual spring

Out with the Old, In with the New

What better way to sweep out old ideas or unpleasant situations, than with the simple act of sweeping out dirt with a broom?

Think of the things you wish to be rid of in the coming year, from
draining relationships to negative thought patterns. Visualise people,
situations or concepts being swept out of your life as you sweep.

You can apply this to numerous household rituals, such as clearing
clutter from the home. Let go of any negative associations, feelings or
situations that have attached themselves to the object, or the person
who gave it to you.

Attract New Opportunities

To experience opportunities, you have to let them in. Throw open the
windows to let the fresh air of spring breathe new life into the home,
dispersing stagnant energy. Visualise your dreams flying in on the
currents of the breeze. Bake fresh food from scratch to symbolise the
birth of new ideas, and grow plants to symbolise their growth.

List your desires for the coming year. Take a ribbon for each one and
weave them together to represent the coming together of those dreams.
Hang them in a window, attaching a bell, windchime, or sun catching
crystal, so that you are constantly reminded of your desires and can
visualise them drifting in abundantly.

Make Cleaning Fun

The kitchen witch finds joy and meaning in even the most mundane of chores, because she sees them as a way of honouring the home, and in turn, the goddess. She is also adept turning them into inspiring, fun activities. Why not try:

Creating a magical apron or enchanted crown to clean inPlaying inspiring, motivational music to boost your mood while you cleanAdding essential oils to your cleaning water, to create beautiful and mood-boosting scents throughout your homeMaking
your tools and utensils more meaningful by attaching ribbons, stickers
or gems, carving or painting special symbols on them, or anointing them
with essential oils.
Kitchen Magic for the Home

Turn everyday cleaning rituals into magical rituals! Using the tools
of the house, already deeply connected to both you and your home, can
create powerful spells.

Chant a spell or goddess song while you work, to invoke the goddess and focus on a goal or desireGive
the house a spiritual clean as well as a physical one. Conduct a house
blessing with smudge sticks, singing bowls and chanting, to clear
stagnant energy. Draw magical symbols in the air and create a circle of
protection around the home to keep it from harm.Be innovative
with your cleaning. Create a magic circle or magical symbols with dust,
before sweeping or polishing it away to be given up to the goddess to
manifest. Divine with mirrors as you clean them, or cast a banishing
as you flush the toilet after cleaning!
With a little
dedication and imagination, what was once perceived as everyday
drudgery can be transformed into magical manifestation!

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  1. Prefect! Just what I needed to read at just the right time! Thank you