Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ahh Beltane

Besides Midsummer and Samhain,  Beltane is right up there with them. Spring has sprung, all the beautiful flowers and Colors and all the babies. May is a busy month here in my family. We have Beltane right off the bat with some fun traditions  that I will share in a minute. My daughters birthday may 5th and Mothers the following week/weekend. for the most part we celebrate Birthday and Mother's day on the weekend after the 5th just so we can do em in one go and not have as much over stimulation and stress from the massive dishes:P

Okay for Beltane:)

Lots of spring colors, blues, pinks, greens, yellows. A lot of our home flowers haven't budded yet so we use fake reusable flowers to decorate for the whole week. Since we don't really have a place for a maypole in our yard we use the tree. It looks really cool after its done too.

This year might be harder to build a Beltane fire than previously but i'm going to attempt to make a kind of fire pit out of an old, and i mean OLD round BBQ that we've had since i can remember.
After the kids have played have their fun and everyone has eaten time for adults to sit and drink some Pineapple cocktail bliss. (all of course after the kids have gone to bed)

May not seem like a lot but its what we do and have fun doing it.

Beltane dinner:

White cheddar and shells with southern style chicken chunks
Red wine vinagret salad
spring cupcakes:P
Pineapple cocktail bliss

White cheddar shells and southern style chicken chunks:(if you have more than three ppl you will need to double this recipe)
Okay for this you need a box of the shells and white cheddar make those according to the box and put them in a big bowl when done and chill till cold and sauce is very thick

Take A large chicken breast that has been marinading AT LEAST 24 hours in italian salad dressing.
Cut them in to 1 inch chunks. Set aside while you prepare the flour and wash.
Take one large egg and 1/3 cup milk and whisk together till well mixed
Take your chicken chunks and toss them in the egg wash.
In a bowl have 1-2 cups flour and 2 tablespoons sea salt
Mix the flour and salt well then take your washed chicken chunks and roll them into the flour to make sure they are covered well in flour.
In a large pan (I prefer cast iron over the poison non stick crap)
add some olive oil
Pop your battered chicken in the pan and cook on each side long enough to give it a nice golden brown color. The chunks should be small enough that if they cook just that long they will be cooked all the way through but still done and juicy.

Take you shells you made earlier out of the fridge and add the souther style chunks to the pasta while chicken is hot and pasta is cold.

Pineapple cocktail bliss
Pineapple chunks frozen
Pineapple juice
pre mixed fruit punch powder
White rum

Put your frozen pineapple chunks int he blender cover halfway with pineapple juice and the rest of the way just to cover the chunks with the rum.
add 1/4 cup of the fruit punch powder and blend till smooth server in pretty glasses with a lemon wedge and umbrella:P

Salad is pretty much a basic salad with dressing
Cupcakes I  usually go ahead and buy at the store as im crap at icing, lol

anyway Blessed Be

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