Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring seed abundance spell

Okay first off alot of ppl think that abundance and prosperity spells are the same thing. This one here is not. Most prosperity spells you see and i say MOST not all are for money. Prosperity comes in all forms but if you ask the average person the first thing that comes to mind is money.
So i'm calling this an abudance spell becuase it asks the goddess and earth to bring you what you need and then a lil more but not neccessarily money, If your kids need new cloths but you can't afford a whole new wardrobe, someone might have gone through thier kids stuff who is a lil older than yours and handed them down. this is one of many examples and I used this one becuase this happened for me the first time I used this spell:)


A small candle of every color you can find. If you have one of those raindbow chakra candles those work wonders.
For an abudance incense we're going to mix several herbs and oils to make a kind of physical definition of what abudance might be. Example you want to be happy, you dont want to be hungry, you want to have food, harmony, love, peace, strength to overcome, success, good health, courage and beauty, so all in all we're gonna use a fair amount of herbs. I'll list what I used but if you need a substitue just msg me and we can find one and always remeber look in your kitchen cabinets and spice rack first, you'll be surprized what you might find there or at the grocery spice section as well.
Herbs: Catnip(beauty)
Thyme (courage)
Lavender (happiness)
Lemon peel (prmotes friendships)
Rose (love)
Basil ( Harmony)
Olive (peace)
Bay (to instill strength)
Cinnamon (Success)
Mix all these together and make an incense this will go into a small balefire that you have needed to make.
You will also need some plant seeds, any kind will do or a small already prouted plant from a nursery or a home and garden store.
I don't many word with my version just a simple sit and clear your head and meditate and think of all the things you want to come into fruitation.
After you have meditated throw the incense into the fire and plant the seeds or plant some good soil. visualize that as the plant gwos so does your abundance on anything you need:) say blessed be, have libation if you wish, remeber to leave some for any critters who might bless your yard:D

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