Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making a charm for recovery

ribbon should be gold not pink,
this is the only pic i could find
When someone we know gets sick, often our first thought is to give them a present. But giving gifts to people who can't fully appreciate them can be unhelpful. It may make them feel guilty by reminding them of things they should be doing and perhaps even make them feel that we are irritated by their illness.

A better present to give is a fragrant magical recovery charm. It relaxes and soothes and not only easing their return to health with a heady scent, but also lets them know that you are thinking of them in their sickness, not just wishing it was over. a recovery charm shows you genuinely care.

the time and energy you spend making the recovery charm infuses it with good will and wishes for their recovery. That way you pass on your own energy and strength into the charm. Healing energy can also be shared through  a wish or action such as sending a bunch of flowers or a card. In doing so you raise your sick friends spirits helping them to regain their sense of well-being and thus aiding in their return to health.

All of the ingredients in your recovery charm should be selected for their individual healing associations most likely to help your friend get better quickly. Finally each charm should be created with love and wishes for good health.

Frankincense oil - has protection properties
Orange - The warm color of the orange promotes harmony
Gold ribbon - The sparkling gold ribbon used to bind the healing spell surrounds the entire charm with a wonderful glowing golden confidence.
Coves - Cloves have potent powers of reconciliation. They help patients to accept their illness, conserve their energy and focus on recovery.

You will need:
1 small orange
a handful of cloves
1 yard of golden ribbon
frankincense oil

1. Wind the golden ribbon around the orange as your would a present. Leave a loop at the top so you can hang it.
2. Rub frankincense oil into the orange between the strands of ribbon.
3. Push the cloves into the orange at random places. Each time you push one in say: "This is for joy", "this is for love", "this is for health" - all good happy statements for this charm.
4. When those steps are completed your charm is literally studded with warm and happy wishes to your friends well-being. It's now ready for you to give.
5. Hang the charm above your friends bed to fill the room with healing energy to help recovery.

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