Friday, June 3, 2011

Solstice decorating

Okay so after doing some research and general looking around, I've decided that I want to do paper lanterns for my main deco at my summer solstice  mini party (which basically consists of my, hubby, mini mooch, lil man, my older brother, younger sister, grandmother and my one friend that still likes to come hang out even tho i have kids :D:)

Anyway If they come out right they will look so pretty and magical and I really think the kids will get a treat out of it..
I haven't made these before but here's my idea:

about 6 or 7 smallish paper bags
White/clear Christmas lights
Black marker
and if you're like me and have no outdoor outlet, and extension cord (very old houses don't have those apparently:S)

Kind of what i have in my head but a lil different.
Okay so take your paper bags and fold about 1 inch -1 1/2 inch  at the top down, kinda like a rolled sleeve if you will.
Next find a design you like, pentacle, fern, flower something you enjoy and will make you feel at peace and happy.
Draw or stencil your design in the middle of the bag. draw it upside down because the opening of the bag will be on the bottom.
Carefully with the lights unplugged push on light through the bottom of the bag after it's been unfolded and brought where it would stand on its own, punch the light through the bottom of the bag. Do this with all the bags every so many lights with equal spaces in between.
Another design idea, This one
would probably have an opening in
the back for an led or tea light
Hang the string of lights from a tree or were ever you plant to hang them (could use a fence as well)
Plug in and enjoy.
The paper lanterns them selves will look cool and the lights in between them will be enough to have a nice summer ambiance after the Little witchlings have gone off to bed. I will definitely post pictures when I get mine done.

I probably should mention you can either color your design and leave it dark and have it a dark silhouette or cut it out for a light one and the rest of the bag would be darker.

And another Litha project that I did yesterday was:  Solstice Wreath....

All this was, was two vines from dollar tree and a wicker wreath base from dollar tree as well. Total of $3. I saw the flower when I was shopping and they just screamed at me to take them home. My yard has lost of green in it but no colorful flowers. These just brightened the yard up so much it was amazing:)


  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I absolutely love floating lanterns.

  2. The light idea is really cute, thanks for the tip.