Friday, June 3, 2011

Paper lanterns Update

Okay so here is my first attempt at it, they actually would have been fairly perfect except i forgot to turn the seam in the back of the bag:s...

Pardon my crappy lighting...giant shade trees do not make for good pictures sometimes. 

again my crappy lighting and camera...sigh one day i'll have a bitching one..anyway this was attempt # we'll try again in a few days...on another note of summer.. todays pics of events...

Swimming and ice cream what more could a kid want?:P


  1. I have yet to put this into practice but while looking at your lanterns and previous post of other lanterns I got another idea of how to make them as well! Yours came out really adorable by the way!! if you did the cut-outs right side up and strung some wire through the paper bag to hang it by then used one of those battery powered tea lights (so the bag doesn't catch you could hang them anywhere without need of an outlet!! :)

  2. I had thought about that and will probably do it like that next year, but atm im just being frugal or cheap however you want to put it:P and using what I have at home and what the dollar store has:P, nothing like limited income:( but hey we made do but ty for your suggestion. Always appreciated. I'll be using these for my midsummer BBQ, i just wish my moonflowers would be big enough by then:S