Saturday, June 18, 2011

Understanding Nature Magic

     Nature Is everywhere and even though it sometimes seems to be sidelined by modern life, its presence is vital to our existence. Nature is always around us and has always been with us. Our ancestors lived much closer to nature, working for thousands of years in the same ways and patterns: Hunting and gathering food, making their own cloths and medicines and toiling the earth to reap a good harvest. They observed nature to enhance their understanding of the world.
   The return to nature
Even today in the world's busiest cities, when we look up at the stars and see the same night sky as our ancestors did, we experience the same sense of awe. A walk in the woods still calms the spirit. Modern society prides itself on its "sophistication," a word derived from the Latin "sophisticas," meaning "tampered with." Many people, however, are rediscovering their natural roots and starting to work in harmony with nature rather than conflicting with it.

    Rites and Festivals celebrating nature
Early human societies were dependent on working with nature for their survival, thus rituals and ceremonies arose to help preserve the special link. Hunters would celebrate rites in which they assumed the characteristics of the animal they sought to hunt; this helped them become one with the animal also to feel that they were part of the natural world.
 As humans settled into agricultural communities and developed more complex social structures, they still continued to observe closely the seasonal cycles. Religion, such as Christianity, eventually came to overlay their own festivals on the old rites of nature and gradually changed their meaning and significance to reflect their own belief system. Nowadays, many people are returning to the wisdom and magic of the nature religions, in order to find their own spiritual paths through modern life and its obstacles.

  You Key To Nature Magic

 The Moon - The moon's magic works through its cycles of dark, new, waxing, full and waning. By recognizing the link between the moon and their menstrual cycle, women can choose the best time to work magic. Gardeners often sow certain plants on the waxing or waning moon. The moon has always played a key role in humanity's need to commune with nature.

 Trees - Trees span generations while their branches, trunk and roots span heaven and earth. They have particular qualities according to their own habits and these magical associations are harnessed in the runes. Tree magic can be absorbed by hugging or sitting under a tree. Trees live very long lives and as such, play a special role in the world. Make friends with  a tree to get in touch with nature.

 The Elements - Groups of four throughout  nature, there are four seasons, four winds, four main points of the compass. Correlating  with the latter are the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. In some traditions, these are seen as the foundation of the universe.

 Herbs - Herbs and flowers have been used throughout the world for thousands of years for medicinal and magical purposes, as well as in the kitchen. Nature provides remedies for all ills. Growing your own herbs helps to imbue them with your personal energies and it's a lot of fun too!

 Animals - Animals provide an essential link to the natural world by acting as spirit guides. The quality of a particular animal can reveal to us hidden qualities we possess - and by calling on the power of an animal, we can drawn into ourselves the strength of the creatures essence. This varies from animal to animal. all kinds of animals from wild to domestic, can help us connect with nature

 Metals & minerals - Metals, minerals, crystals and gemstones come out of the ground and have, in many cases, been there as long as the planet itself. They each have own distinctive vibrations which can be matched to those emitted by our own bodies, an idea embraced by crystal healers. Minerals can be single elements or compounds of elements. We can work with crystals or metals to acquire particular vibrations, this helps bring us into balance when our bodies are in some way out of natural sync. This belief has endured for thousands of years. The vibrations emitted by crystals can match sympathetic vibrations in human bodies.

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