Sunday, August 14, 2011

School days, school days!

Okay so we've had one interesting week, infection from my tooth is finally over, got that sucker pulled. Kids have been lil hellions this last week and I feel like i'm going to loose my mind:P

Trinity is excited about starting her first day of pre-school (and so is mom truth be told) Already been through the discussions with the teachers about our faith and for once they seem all cool with it. one of the administrators to her school was someone I went to school with and is a pretty awesome person. They apparently just wanted to make sure that she was allowed to participate in all the other "normal" holidays.

The curriculum is customized for each child at her pre-school. The program is called Head Start. If you this program in your town I highly recommend checking it out. They learn through play. teach them good personal hygiene & cleanliness/tidiness. Like after their morning snack they brush their teeth, learning how to clean up their toys and helping mom and dad out by keeping clean rooms. They teach them about the holidays, season, basic fundamentals, letters, numbers, reading writing ect, what most preschools do but the way they go about it is so much different than your typical classroom. They do a lot of hands on activities and field trips that are completely paid for by the program. They even have "Daddy Days" where mom gets a break and just kid and daddy go on the field trip. and If i'm remembering right at one time It was mentioned that when they leave the Head Start program they will already know how to read full sentences, write their names and be able to say 125 word on sight. They also get to grow a garden and raise animals.

Bubba has started saying :Thank You" when I give him snacks or change his diaper or give him juice which is awesome. He has conversations with Trinity that she seems to understand but no one else can:P

Okay, so I found this in a book I almost forgot until Trinity dragged it out  cuz it "had pretty colors"...anyway I thought this might be something we can do in the morning before school. The book is actually pretty cool. I can't remember though if my aunt bought it for me or if it was one i grabbed but I remember getting it when I was in high school so it was rather fitting at the time:P. Here's the LINK to it if you wanna check it out.

Sunrise Spell (I have altered it a bit)

To be performed the first thing as the sun rises on a big day. You might have an important test,an audition, interview, starting school or changing schools.

As the sun rises go outside and face eastward. Light a white candle.
(I'm not gonna do the marionette type dance? she has in the book)

I am one with the spirit
I thank you god and goddess & god for the gift of your presence.
I welcome the spirit into me, lending wisdom and energy.
With your help I can achieve to the best of my ability.

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