Friday, August 19, 2011

What a week

I can't figure out of this week flew by or creeped buy but none the less, what a weeks it's been. Trinity loves school (thank the gods) and every morning wakes up and goes "is it head start day again?!?!"  Then yesterday we had our first freak out moment. As I was walking to the school to pick up Trinity, one of the other fathers was picking up his kid at the school. Well I guess he really really wasn't paying attention and when the lady who signs them out says: "For Trinity?" he said yes!!! For the record his kids name is nothing close to Trinity. So he signed my kid out and then they realized what happened and couldn't find Trinity. So they start calling the house and hubby starts freaking out over the phone. Turn out he took the right kid but signed the wrong one out. Trinity happened to be in the bathroom for all of this so when they were on the phone she pops out hearing her name and they got even more puzzled. I guess you can call that a freak out moment, It was for hubby anyway.

Okay so my recipe I'm sharing is more domestic than witchy but you can always empower your cleaning supplies to have purifying, calming happy properties. I do this with most my supplies I buy and of course the ones I make.

2 cups baking soda (for the love of the gods don't use powder.)
essentials oils of your choice about 1/2 oz total give or take depends on how strong you want it.

Mix these together really well and set on a plate to dry. Dont' use a paper plate because it will soak up all the oils, just a plain old dinner plate will do.

When it's dried you can jar it or put it some kind of shaker. I actually save my Parmesan cheese shakers and use them for this.

The baking sods picks up the old stale or ick smells and the essential oils make it smell that much better.

works great on hubbies or kids shoes

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  1. I just wanted to comment that my name is Trinidy.
    So I like your child's name.