Wednesday, September 7, 2011

End of summer

Thank the gods, lol. Sorry for all of you spring/summer ppl but summer is on the final stretch, and I for one cannot wait till fall. I'm am so not a summer person in any way shape or form. Anyway I have a post in mind for this evening about some healing stuff but for now just some pictures of random stuff i've found or grown:P

 found this at a second hand store for 1$

 saw a project similar to this one online somewhere some and the midget did this the other day
 another angle (god i need a new camera)
 my morning glory's finally bloomed
 somewhere in there there is a cardinal trying to bloom and we'll have moonflowers soon too
 Little Miss T decided it was time she colored in her yule coloring book...:s
 and the thing I picked up this week i'm most proud of is this handmade tinkerbell comforter/quilt i snagged for 2$ at a second hand store. Miss T just about had a happy spaz fit when she saw it

allright that's all for now will make an attempt atgetting somehting posted tonight since i'm finally starting to feel better

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