Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thunder, lightning and rain oh my!

Okay so I live in a desert, it never rains here. And like every other desert town that doesn't see rain but maybe one month out of the year, people here kinda freak out when it does rain, let alone thunder and lightning for 2 days straight now. It's awesome, it's one of the few things I miss about Florida among a very very small list. Anyway so people freaking out, kids loving it, and the raw energy around here is just amazing right now. definitely an awesome end to the summer.

And among the sweet weather, I got some jewelry finished. Ty Fire Mountain Gems for being very very fast and efficient in helping me make my jewelry for my customers. I ♥ you long time:P

Oh yeah and yet again i'm going to sing praises of my local Mexican botanica shop. I ♥ them long time too:P
I went there to get my usual chamomile, because the ground here sucks for growing it this year, and a few other things that only they carry. and low and behold they have a rack of lavender for 69cents a bag. Needless to say I bought them out. Okay so you might be thinking big deal they have that in stores where I live, but yeah I live in a very small town fairly far away form any city, and that's just not one of the things this town carries on a regular basis. Anyway got several other herbs as well that's fairly hard to obtain here, one being  Wormwood, Damania, Arnica, ginger which yet again in a city no big deal, here huge thing to me, valerian root which is omg to me so useful in our house. So yeah, i'm a happy lil witch right now☺

As Promised here is the healing spell, granted a bit late but meh, life happens...

Simple Health Blessing
The items in this spell are intended to represent health and vitality, NOT act as actual medical cures for anything.
For this easy blessings, you just need:
• A glass of apple juice
• A cinnamon stick
• A white candle

As with most spells, natural ingredients are best so try to find some organic apple juice if you can. Pour the juice into a glass, and stir 4 times with the cinnamon stick. Light the candle and drink a few sips of juice.

Repeat the following:
Goddess bless body and soul Health and wellness is my goal

Finish the rest of the juice and snuff out the candle. Do this spell whenever you feel an illness coming on or even each morning just to stay in tip-top shape.

Brightest Blessings

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