Monday, November 7, 2011

Healing herbal incense mix

This is straight from my personal BOS. My daughter and I used this is a small Ritual in our front yard (of course accompanied but some interesting looks by my neighbor, who is cool as hell, and usually doesn't question anything:P) Because everyone has been so damn sick here the last few weeks and since winter is now upon us, weather or not the trees are showing it...grumble grumble.. I felt the need to share this.

Note: NOT for consumption. there's nothing in here that could hurt you this is all from my culinary/magickal cabinet, im very much a kitchen witch but this was made for burning in a fire place or fire proof bowl etc..

Equal parts of:

Mix together, grind to powder if you feel the need and burn anywhere sick people have been, especially the bedroom. We started ours in the yard and carried the smoke everywhere around the outside and in. I'm working on as stick form but both will be for sale on my shop soon. but this is here in case you need to make your own:)


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  3. healing with herbs from the earth was here before "modern" chemical pill popping addictions weakened the mind into dependency. plants are all the earth has given us and its MAN MADE things that make disease worse not better.

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  5. Interesting! Didn’t think to use spices for incense. This sounds like something my late mother would do. It probably works too! Found this on Pinterest.

    1. How nifty!, Someone pinned me:P but yes i love using herbs instead of sticks, dont get me wrong i love stick incense but i primarily use it for setting a mood or just for the nummy aromas alot of them have, when i need a good power boost i always use herbal mixtures

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