Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ugh holidays, throw some magick in there and relax:)

Thanksgiving isnt here even and the kids are buggin me to decorate for yule already. Miss T keeps asking if it's thanksgiving yet and it's not because she cares for turkey or wants a big feast, she knows Yule comes after it:P. So anyway I used to be one of those wierdos (no offense to anyone) that freaked out at holidays were people would be coming to my house. Truth be told I still kinda freak, for some reason im always afraid my house smells odd. I know I have huge issues. I'm constantly spraying air freshener, or having oil burners going.

anyway to relieve stress, grab some incense snag an oil burner, light some candles and just let it go. The holidays are spose to be cheerful and relaxing and beautiful.

Stress relief incense/oil blend
 Equal parts of:
Lavender, orange blossoms or rind and thyme.

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  1. I love essential oils...incense...and candles. good post. thank you.