Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter blues

I've always raved about how I love fall and winter and to this day I still do, however being without a heater for the current moment, I have a definite need for a Spring pick me up. Luckily I live in California and even tho it's pretty damn cold here, not as cold as some of you easterners but still colder than we're used to, Plants still grow like mad here, especially after the weird spring and summer we had. So the gas station has 2 lavender bushes, one French and one English and luckily the guy who owns it doesn't seem to care to much that i pick about 5 blossoms every time i go over there which is about once a day. So now i have a nice handful of each type and i'm putting them in the simmer pot for a nice spring touch among the mass amounts of Yule decorations the kids put up yesterday. We were going to wait till today but we had a bit of an accident yesterday pertaining to Miss T smashing her finger in her door. It didn't break thank the gods, but it was awfully swollen, so we wrapped it up and gave her some Chamomile/lavender/valarian root tea and she went down for a nap after decorating to take her mind of her ouchy finger. I have pictures but my camera went AWAL yesterday. I think it's in the kitchen somewhere but in any event i need a new one anyway. Can't even zoom in or out or focus with this ancient thing:P

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  1. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons!! I usually miss each half through the other. lol. Free lavender is always a blessing. I enjoyed your post. :) Have a wonderful day :)