Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Blues...revisited..

I feel the winter blues about to bog me down again. I think I might venture out into the cold and find me some nice spring floral smelling oils to burn and take the yule decorations down. I normally love winter. Autumn and Winter were my favorite seasons but since we haven't had a heater most of the winter it's been bitter, cold and miserable, however we are finally getting it fixed this weekend thank the goddess. I don't think I could handler another week let alone a few more months of cold. I love how everyone says "Oh you're in California, its like 70 all the time..."...It's not and in fact this winter we have had more days below freezing than we have had in many many many years. (I forget how many exactly the news said.) we've had 19 days below freezing here and we usually only average about 5. It doesn't snow here but maybe every 10 years but it might as well as cold as it is:P. And even in the summer we get the extremes were it's usually around 110 most days. Anyway, got off topic there a bit but yes must find floral smells and get away from the winter blues that are chasing me.

This was posted in one of my groups and the author is unknown but there is some definite need of releasing of some negativity:P

Winds of Change
This is more of a spell to release anger and stress, but isn't that the first step to becoming more happy?
Your supplies:
A windy day
 A hill
It's not mandatory that you have a hill for this, but you 'do need an open area outside' for happiness spells like this. It 'does' need to be windy.
Take your herbs to your chosen spot, and face away from the wind (so it's blowing on your back). Toss the herbs in the air and visualize your problems being blown away. Repeat the following:
'May the winds take my pain,
Make me happy once again',
Then turn around and face the wind. Say:
May the winds bring joy to me,
So that happy my heart will be',
Stand in the wind for a few more moments, concentrating on the release of your problems and the acceptance of peace

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  1. I have SAD and it's Winter and getting dark I know. Hang in there and look at photos of Spring and seed catalogs and the cold will be gone before you know it.