Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thank the gods!!!

Spring seems to be on its way!! Normally winter is my favorite season but we had such a crappy winter least in this house, it's no longer my favorite. I'm loving all the creatures emerging. In the past week its been close to 70 degrees outside. Warm enough for me to open the door and let some fresh air in until the wind kicks up...o.0

My daughter has gone nuts in the herb/flower/veggie catalogs. We have plans of finally getting our fairy garden going this year as we started entirely to late last year for one to thrive. We planted green beans, pumpkins, morning glory's and moonflowers in seedling starters the other day and will be planting peppers, tomatoes, tulips, basil, parsley and goddess only knows what else. I haven't finished looking through th catalog she marked...lol.


  1. Don't think I could have taken ONE MORE DAY of January!!
    Hope you can post some pics of your seedlings when they appear to cheer us all up!

  2. We had a really sissy winter, until two days ago... freezing my butt off now! (If only it were this easy...)

    I am planning on hanging some tomato and straberry planters from the ceiling of our balcony, just to annoy the BF (and to have fresh produce and because tomatoes keep mosquitos away).