Sunday, February 26, 2012


Okay so here is a few things i learned over this last week.

Ganesha - Remover of obstacles - Ganesha got his elephant head a result of his head being removed and his mother so grief stricken that she ordered her husband to find him another head. The first they came upon happened to be an elephant.

Okay so Put a statue, or in my case for the moment a drawing I did of him up and an offering bowl and since he is an infant god, pretty much eb very straight forward with what you want when asking. Offer 9 coins to the bowl and after the bowl has been filled (usually after several wishes/demands ( i say both because you all know as well as I do if you dont just tell/demand a child they usually dont do anything and it was also the word used in the workshop so:P) Take the coins to a cross roads (and mind you she said she used quarters but im assuming any shiney coin will do) and start tossing them at the cross roads. Was said you can even do this at a stop sign while in your car if you are a super busy modern pagan:P

So as people pick the money up and spend it your fortune, wealth and success will start coming in back to you.


  1. i love Ganesha, i love to leave offerings, gifts and requests. the crossroads, yes.

    1. According to me also ,Ganesha is the most lovable god along with hanuman.I think it's our duty to spread information about Ganesha and other indian gods and Blogs are the best way to do it.With this we can tell the whole world about our rich ancient heritage...
      Secrets of Lord Ganesha

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    Nice post. I would like to ask if I can use Ganesha image for my projects?

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