Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mother nature needs calendar..

Seriously...someone buy one for her please? 3 days in a row was damn near 80, then yesterday all of a sudden dropped back down to 50 and its maybe 55 today, but My baby plants weren't so much baby's anymore and they had to be planted.

I have more seeds soaking overnight for tomarrow but so far we now have our pumpkins and garlic in the ground, Morning glory's are making their push towards the soil surface for sun and the moonflowers, which in my experience take almost as long as tulips to sprout, are working their way to the top.

So for tomorrow we have Basil, from the seeds I saved from last years plants. My brother saved some seeds fom this sugar can corn plant thing, idk we researched it and its a sugar plant but is related to corn and it was really pretty and exotic so we saved some seeds from it and im gonna try and grow some this year, it was a super big plant and didnt require much effort to maintain really, seemed to be happy with just a bit of water every day

okay end of mother nature rant, lol have a great day guys
Blessed be

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