Friday, July 20, 2012

Crystal mushroom forest

found this on another blog and im soooo doing this next month. We;ve been seeing fairy rings around again and Miss Tasked if we could get mushrooms for them to play in our yard becuase she always see them on mushrooms. so yeah so doing this one:P


  1. Yeah, I had this totally in mind when I had salvaged some punch bowls & vases. But my kids & Hubby put a stop to it when they broke my glassware. Sigh, back into the hunt again for more! Good luck with yours & I know it will be a beautiful crystal garden:)

    1. our dollar tree has plastic ones of all different colors so i think i might use those least if one breaks i wont be to heart broken and can easily replace it

    2. :) It just gives me the excuse to go & hunt for more. The ones that were broken were a salvage find & free:) Next time I will place them some where safer for storage. Unfortunately, I haven't noticed any at our dollar tree, I will have to go look again when I'm by myself. Defiantly not a place I can take my kids & expect to escape with only what I went in there for! LOL!

  2. Love these stuffed mushrooms.. looks so delicious and inviting..

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