Monday, July 23, 2012


Who else is ready for their munchkins to go back to school?, lol I'ts one of those days that requires a good dose of Practical Magic, netflix i love you because im to hot and lazy today to move the dvd player into the living room:P

School starts for Miss T in 3 weeks, boy is she excited she loves school (yay!) and she has already went online with me to look for a special outfit for the first day. She even decided to get her ears pierced before school becuase she saw hello kitty earrings. I think its the year of hello kitty for mine,she had to have a hello kitty dress, hello kitty sneakers hello kitty earrings and im surprising her on the first day in the morning with a hello kitty watch we found at goodwill that works great it just needed a battery,. snagged that for $2.75. We dont have a ton of  money so we are always looking for great finds for mundane or magical works?

Share some of the cool stuff you have found at second hand stores or goodwill? I will post some of the stuff i've found this summer in about a week as im not done damn it!:P


  1. My DH works at Goodwill. But we haven't started buying for school yet.

  2. Goodwill has been my go-to spot for my daughter, because she is one of those kids that always hits her growth spurts a month or two after school started!

  3. I love Goodwill. That's where I did most of my back-to-school shopping. :)