Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mother nature

so it's January and after what feels like an eternity freezing to death, it's finally gonna be in the 60's at the end of the week, or so we're being told, it's bee in the low to mid 40's and in the low 20's at night and for this area that's damn cold. mother nature has also brought us some interesting weather:

4 days of this crazy weather and a pic of my hestia who decided to photo bomb....

But now everything is turning green, so here's to hoping it looks like Ireland this spring!

Btw I haven't disappeared so much as i haven't been on blogger much but im still posting on Facebook. There should be a link on the side bar to my fb page

alrighty off to find some kind of craft to keep me from being any colder.

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  1. still got snow here but hoping it will get warmer and spring will come eventually. Love you blog, the background is stunning. If you would like to visit me mine is a, blessings to you, Alison