Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey ya'll

Sorry its been quiet trying to get life on the right course and as we all know nothing goes right when you need it too, lol anyway anyone who reads my post on facebook which is mainly where ive been at lately knows whats going on but i'll copy it here:

Hey ya'll, I'm starting a donation fund to help us get a car, i know its kinda a petty thing but we live in the desert and they changed where my daughter would be going to school which was only 2 blocks away is now almost 2 miles, while that may not seem like a lot, our August average is 106 but has many many times reached 110 (this is when she starts school). All donations will have a perk for whatever amount you wish to donate. $5 will get our very special Witch brew herbal tea mix that works wonders in so many different situations $10 you get your choice of a stone charm with a scroll (can be seen on my etsy page) or an Herbal spell mix. $15 Gets you 3 simple wire wrapped rings(will post pics in folder later) in your color choice. $20 will get you your choice of a Tree of life pendant in your color choice or a wire wrapped moon pendant again with your choice of color of stone or a gemstone bracelet or anklet. $30 donations get to pick 2 of anything on the above list, $50 donations will get 3 of anything off the list above and anything over that you need contact me so we can make you a bundle package. I would really appreciate any help Our goal is $1500 and that will just about cover everything and if we reach our goal I will be having a huge gift basket giveaway, so not only did you get something for donating you also have a chance for a gift basket. My paypal address is Again ty for the help and please spread the word.:)

Also currently anything for sale on my etsy shop goes for this fund and if you buy anything there you can use the code: WAITINGFORSPRING to get 10% off and even if we dont meet our goal it's still a huuuuuge chunk of change to get the ball rolling on it.

Also i have a ton of pics to post later but right now i must get to jewelry making for donations.

Brightest Blessings

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