Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Faerie rings

There's not a whole lot to be found on this phenomenon but this is what I could find. If anyone has any other info on them please feel free to email me or comment on this entry:) BTW i'm writing this because we had the start f one in our backyard but i believe they were disturbed by someone. In the entire year I've lived here we have never seen any kind of fungus or anything like that growing anywhere around us. I feel that we were visited and hopefully blessed because the one thing I do know about the Fae is that they can be rather mischievous.

<< this is one of them that we found in our back yard last night. They seemed to grow out of nowhere in a matter of maybe an hour or so. They weren't this ig last night when I took the original pics but its not a very good copy so I didn't post it however if anyone wants to see it by all means feel free to contact me:)

fairy ring, also known as fairy circleelf circleelf ring  or pixie ring, is a naturally occurring ring or arc of mushrooms. The rings may grow to over 10 metres (33 ft) in diameter, and they become stable over time as the fungus grows and seeks food underground. They are found mainly in forested areas, but also appear in grasslands or rangelands. Fairy rings are detectable by sporocarps in rings or arcs, as well as by a necrotic zone (dead grass), or a ring of dark green grass. If these manifestations are visible a fairy fungus mycelium is likely present in the ring or arc underneath.
Fairy rings also occupy a prominent place in European folklore as the location of gateways into elfin kingdoms, or places where elves gather and dance. According to the folklore, a fairy ring appears when a fairy, pixie, or elf appears. It will disappear without trace in less than five days, but if an observer waits for the elf to return to the ring, he may be able to capture it.

More to come on the Fae as soon as i gather enough info on them :P

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