Friday, March 25, 2011


Valerian root (distinct odor, almost smells like bad feet,
but well worth he smell for the medicinal properties)
Okay so it's been one of those days..scratch screw it it's been one of those months where we all need a lil calming juice around here. Seasons are changing weather, if one kid isn't sick the other one is or hubby is and if one is crying the other one stars in thinking it's a contest, and all you moms that have more than one kid or have nieces and nephews all know what i'm talking about, lol. Okay so when my daughter was starting to teeth really bad, the whole up all night screaming up all day screaming bit, i did a bit of research and developed this recipe which i first tried on the hubby with his tooth ache and headaches worked like a charm. so I dulled it down for the her and now am using it with my son.

2 cups of water (i use bottled nursery water or the best bottles water I can find when its for the kids)
1 chunk of Valerian root chopped (if you cant find the root in stores around you try looking in some of the Mexican supermarkets, Ive found a lot of them around here carry them where as the big chain stores don't.
1 Sprig of lavender.
1 straight chamomile tea bag

pop them all in a saucepan or Ive been known to make them in a drip coffee maker:P
let it simmer not boil for about 5-10 minutes until it's a nice darkish yellow color.
bottle it cool it

For my kids I just put some in their cup with some ice, the ice not only cools it more but also waters it down a bit. It calms them down a lot and helps them sleep through those achy nights and days:) and then I usually have some as well.  If you take 2 bags of regular black tea with this recipe it makes a great tonic for headaches, we use it a lot on hubby's migraines much better than drugs

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